Town Wide Street Sweeping December 15 & 17


In accordance with our Stormwater Pollution Prevention & Management Plan, the City will be doing our Semi-annual street sweeping of the whole City.  The street sweeping will occur on December 15th & 17th.   The schedule is as follows:

Dec 15 -the following streets will be swept:  All streets that run North and South- Streets North of Fifth Street – Second, Third, Fourth, Front, Williams, Canal, Solomon and Henry Streets.  Streets South of Fifth Street -in Harbor Estates Seventh, Nowland, Cleaver, Warfel (Horse Shoe), and Clark.

Dec 17 -the following streets will be swept:  All streets that run East and West- Canal, Franklin, Bayard, Hamilton, Clinton, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. South of Fifth Street- Hamilton Place, Clinton, Reybold, Warfel, and Clark.

We are asking that everyone remove their cars from the respective streets on the day that it will be swept so the sweeper can easily pass down the curb.  By sweeping the streets twice a year, it will help to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the storm sewer system and protect the water quality of nearby streams,rivers, wetlands and bays. 

Thank you for your cooperation.