Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment considers applications for variances and special exceptions from the requirements of the Delaware City Code relating to land use. The Board also hears appeals of code interpretations and administrative decisions by the City Manager relating to the zoning code and land use. Meetings of the Board usually consist of a Public Hearing followed by a business meeting at which decisions are rendered. The Board produces a written decision for each application or appeal heard.

The Board of Adjustment meetings are held every 4th Tuesday of the Month, after public notice. Meetings are at 6:30 P.M. in Mayor & Council Chambers at Town Hall, 407 Clinton Street, unless otherwise posted.

The Board is established under Chapter 46, Article XIII of the Delaware City Code and consists of five members.

Board of Adjustment Meeting Schedule 2022

The current members of the Board of Adjustment are:

  • Paul Parets – Chair
  • Andrea Nolan
  • Susan Rahn
  • Raymond Gogola
  • Michelle Abrams-McPherson