Board of Health

The Delaware City Board of Health is a citizen board authorized under Article X, Section 10-02 of the Delaware City Charter to enforce laws and regulations protecting human health. Issues monitored by the Board of Health include protection of the water supply, sanitation, disease prevention, mosquito control, high weeds, offensive odors, fumes, and smoke, the use of insecticides, and the operation of swimming pools.

Most property management code enforcement has been delegated by Delaware City to New Castle County. However, the Board of Health retains broad powers to enforce the City’s codes in situations affecting health and sanitation.

The Board of Health consists of five members who are appointed by the Mayor & Council for two year terms.

The current members of the Delaware City Board of Health are:

  • Shyla Lyons
  • Yolanda Meadowcroft
  • Lisa Webster
  • Donia Gonzales
  • Mike McMichael