City Charter & Code


The City of Delaware City is a political subdivision of the State of Delaware, operating under a Charter granted by the Delaware General Assembly. The city operates as a municipal corporation with home rule powers granted under its Charter. The Code of the City of Delaware City was adopted by Mayor & Council in 2001. The Code incorporates ordinances adopted prior to 2001 and has since been amended through the adoption of ordinances by Mayor & Council. Delaware City delegates building code authority and inspection and property management code enforcement to New Castle County.

City Charter

Comprehensive Plan

Appendix 2 Purchasing Policies

WILMAPCO Delaware City Plan adopted 4-13-2009
Map 11 Zoning Map of Delaware City 2016
Appendix D Amended Comp Plan
Chapter 1 Administration & General
Chapter 3 Taxation
Chapter 2 Elections
Chapter 4 Franchises
Chapter 5 Public Places Parks & Rec
Chapter 6 Utilities & Municipal Services
Chapter 8 Streets & Sidewalks
Chapter 7 Solid Waste
Chapter 9 Finance
Chapters 10-20 Reserved
Chapter 21 Health & Sanitation
Chapter 22 Property Management
Chapter 24 AnimalRegs
Chapter 23 Building Regs
Chapter 25 Alcohol & Drugs
Chapter 26 Nuisances
Chapter 27 Vehicles, Traffic, Parking
Chapter 28 Emergency Manage
Chapter 29 Firearms
Chapter 30 Fire Prevention
Chapter 31 StormWaterProtection
Chapters 32-45 Reserved
Chapter 46 Zoning
Chapter 47 Planning
Chapter 48 Floodplain
Chapter 49 HistoricPreservation
Chapter 50 Trailer Parks
Chapter 51 Businesses
Chapter 52 Property Maintenance Code
Chapter 53 Department of Building Inspections and Code Enforcement
Chapter 54 Subdivision of Land & Major Site Plan Review