How do I rent the Fire Hall?

Call (302) 392-1783 or visit the Delaware City Fire Company website at https://www.dcfc15.com. The fire company has a new, state-of-the-art facility for receptions, banquets, parties, and meetings.

How do I rent the Dragon Run Park Hall?

Call Maureen Murphy at (302) 834-0662. Dragon Run Park is operated by the Delaware City Park District. The Dragon Run facility is available for parties and meetings.

How do I rent the gazebo in the park?

Call Judy Masishin at the Delaware City Police Department (302) 836-6344. The gazebo in Battery Park is available for weddings with a permit, however the park remains open for public use. 

What services does the Community Center offer?

The Delaware City Community Center is home to the Delaware City Library, Senior Center, and Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) Center. The Center is located at 250 Fifth Street (5th and Bayard). Parking is available on the Bayard and Fourth Street sides.

The Delaware City Library can be reached at (302) 834-4148 or visit their website at: https://www.nccde.org/delawarecity.

The Senior Center is open to all adults 50 and over. The seniors meet every Monday and Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Activities include art classes, games, armchair aerobics and field trips. Coffee, tea, and snacks are served at every meeting. Contact Charlene Hendricks at (302) 834-4573.

The P.A.L. Center is operated by the Police Athletic League and offers after-school youth recreation and homework assistance programs. The Center is open Monday through Friday 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Contact (302) 838-7645 for further information.

How do I arrange for a large item trash pick-up?

Call Waste Industries at (302) 378-5400. Waste Industries is the City’s municipal waste contractor. Additional fees apply to large item pick-ups – payable to Waste Industries.

How do I get a streetlight fixed?

Street Light outages can be reported through the website www.delmarva.com or there is a mobile app for your phone that locates the streetlight exactly where you are standing so you can easily report it as a problem.  When reported by website or app they go immediately to a field resource for review and repair. Please make sure you include the pole number.  The website is  https://delmarva.streetlightoutages.com/map/default.html .

You can also call Delmarva Power at (800) 375-7117 press 4 then press 0. Call with the location of outage and pole number. The pole number is stamped on two metal plates.

What is Delaware City Police Department’s phone number?

The police non-emergency phone number is (302) 836-6344. In an emergency dial 911. Please do not call Town Hall with Police matters. Administrative staff are not permitted to take police reports.

Does Town Hall accept credit cards for payment of taxes and water?

Yes,  Town Hall is able to accept credit card payments, VISA, Master Card and Discover.  You can use your credit card to pay your water bill and tax statement.  There is a fee of $6.00 to use this service.

What are Town Hall’s hours?

Town Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Town Hall is located at 407 Clinton Street, 1/2 block north of the traffic light.

Who do I call about a sewer emergency?

Contact New Castle County Special Services Department hotline at (302) 395-5700.

Where is the Delaware City Library and when is it open?

The Delaware City Library is in the Community Center located at 250 Fifth Street. The Library entrance and parking are on Bayard Street. Additional parking is available off Fourth Street. You may contact the Library at (302) 834-4148 or visit their website at https://www.nccde.org/delawarecity. The Library’s hours are: Monday through Thursday noon to 8:00 PM; Fridays they are closed;  Sat. 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM; and Sun. 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

What is the schedule for Fort Delaware?

You can visit either the Fort Delaware website at the State Parks website at  www.destateparks.com/park/fort-delaware/index.asp or https://www.destateparks.com for a complete schedule for Fort Delaware.